Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NOTHING is new....

I am so excited! My MIL, best in the world you know, gave me a big box full of "scrap-craft" magazines from the late 60s/early 70s, and then today at the local Goodwill, I happened to stumble across a 23 volume set of Craft Encyclopedias!! Of course, as usually happens when I find a set of anything, I'm missing a few volumes, 5 to be exact. But it really doesn't matter because they are amazing!! Oh, and did I mention from 1975?!?!

Which brings me to the title of today's post. Nothing is new. Seriously, nothing. At least not so far as I've been able to tell in the craft world. I have developed quite an obsession with cruising Pinterest, Craftgawker and StumbleUpon lately, and I have come across some pretty cool crafts...some of them even have tutorials! After looking through the mags my MIL gave me and the new set of books I purchased today, I noticed that literally, over half of the things I'm seeing on the above mentioned websites have already been done!! I'm not saying its a bad thing...I'm just sayin'. 

Pretty much the only things that have changed are the tools, supplies and scrap materials we have to work with. Some examples: paper/fabric flowers, artwork created by using nails, lampshades/pendant lights created from plastic cups, paper beads, the list just goes on!! I know some of you are sitting there thinking, "um...duh! how could you not have known all that?". Well, I can tell ya how I wouldn't have known...many of the people who post how-tos for some of these things don't acknowledge that the original idea is decades old. 

I have many craft books, all of them older than me, some older than my husband and even a couple older than my mom!! I can't wait to get started on some of the projects that I've already gone through and bookmarked, but I have to finish some crochet projects first. *insert pout and foot stomping here because I want to do other crafts* 

I kind of wish they made Clorox bottles the way they used to, so I could make some of the crafts in that little book(up front in the first pic). I didn't get any pics of the other few craft books, but my MIL also gave me a few that were published for Aleene's!! I honestly didn't know that glue had been around so long!! 

Happy Crafting!! Maybe I'll be able to try some of the things in this book soon and get some pics up!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little footnote for The Giraffe Hat...

I must apologize for not having been here for a bit. I recently found out that the back problems I have been experiencing are not cause by a herniated disk, as previously thought, but by a combination of severe arthritis and degenerative disk disease. So, sitting to type, or even craft has been a rather painful endeavor and I have not been able to get on here as I would have like.

Now then, enough personal information, I'm sure if you are here, it is not to hear about my pains but rather to get your craft on!!

This post is to add some information to the Giraffe Hat pattern that was previously posted, as well as to address a small problem that also added to my absence. Ah, the problem....that being the attempted filching of my pattern by someone who left a comment stating that they had been searching for just such a pattern and two days later, actually posted it as their own on the same online community that I had posted it on(back in December). Needless to say, the issue was resolved to my satisfaction, but I am now fairly timid about every sharing my original patterns again.

I do believe that in the future, I will have a "give-away" of sorts for those honest folk who would like to help me test my patterns, if/when I ever write another. 

On then, to the pattern additions, or suggestions provided to me by the original tester, my friend Pam G. who was kind enough to allow me to post her suggestions/changes here on ye old blog!!

What Pam had to say:
December 20, 2011
  • Ok, here goes...
    Since I had issues with the size when I first tried it, I went up one hook size on each, so I used a K and G hook. The hat worked fine, but has to stretch to get on a two-year olds head. That, I'm sure, is a result of my tight crocheting. One thing is (and maybe you have done this) that you should mention Color A or Color B. When I started the horns, not paying attn I started them in yellow. After a few tries and getting it going, I realized I should have done brown and not yellow. LOL Silly me, I know but I was so excited it was actually working out to that point that I guess I wasn't really paying attn. If I were you I would try and work the horns in a way that you can get a count at the end of each round. That was hard for me because I wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not until it started to take shape. I did not stuff the horns or ears, I think they held up good on their own. (and I didn't have anything to stuff them with LOL) Now, the EARS!! The first one I worked came out perfect. Not quite as curvy as yours but still with good shape I thought. Then the second one was lopsided. So, I unraveled that one and started over using that same yarn. What I noticed when I got to about Round 7 or 8 (when it starts to look like a little sombrero) was that one side of the 'bill', where I was joining rounds, was bigger than the other side. I think I was adding stitches towards the end of the round because when I was done with the 2nd try ear there was about a handful of yarn left over. So, (got sidetracked there, sorry) I went back and started again at Round 6...but this time I counted stitches. You will have to work up to the end of round 5 to use this but I figured this would be a start to help get those ears right each time. :) These counts DO NOT include the (ch 1, sc in same stitch) and, I think there was one round I had to skip over one stitch to keep my count right. Here are the counts at the end of my Rounds:
    Round 6 - 15
    Round 7 - 21
    Round 8 - 33
    Round 9, 10, 11 - 33
    Round 12 - 22
    Round 13 - 22
    Round 14 - 16
    Round 15 - 16
    Round 16 - 11*
    Round 17 - 11

    * on this round I ended on a sc but going by the pattern should have ended on a sc2tog. I was OK with it because it turned out fine in the end.
    Let me know if this helps you and I will happily try out any other patterns you may need tested!

    I'd love for everyone to visit Pam at:'s quite the crafter herself!!

    Hopefully that will help anyone who is having trouble with the ears!! And again, I apologize for not being available lately to answer questions or respond to comments.

    Before I go, I did actually start the slippers...but the pattern is written like one big run-on sentence so they aren't going very well!! :0( Well, that and my crafting ADD kicked in and I've been working with paper for 2 days!!

    Hope you all have a lovely afternoon and a pleasant week!!